‘3 Amazing Hours of Relaxing Music’ But Still Not Chilled Out?

What kind of music is this?

It’s not just 3 hours of ‘Relaxing Music’ but ‘Relaxation Music | Peaceful Music | New Age Music | Music for relaxing’ kind of music!

What’s with the redundancy?

Search Engine Optimization, my friends. Lot’s of folks are searching for the words  ‘relax’ and ‘music’ and all their derivatives.

But do you know what’s more amazing then 3 hours of floating melodies and flowing chord progressions?

This video has almost 8,000,000 views!!!

8 million! Wow. Well done…

But you know what’s even MORE amazing.

I decided to investigate so I whipped out my Android phone tuner you can sign up for and download here, tuned that baby from the healing 432hz to today’s standard, held my phone to the speakers and son of a pitch!

That needle was shakin n bakin at A=440hz like a hungry dog on a pork chop.

Maybe that’s I wasn’t chillin like a villian…

Regardless, 8 million views is 8 million freakin views.

I wonder what it would sound like if someone recorded a few minutes of this music off the computer, re-calibrated it to 432 and then did a taste test?

Hmnn, I wonder…. 😀


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