Everything’s Gonna Be OK

This track needs some vocals!

If you think you got somethin’, shout out and I’ll send you a download link.

This was written and recorded at about 6 in the morning.

432 tuning
Guitar tuner set at 432hz

I’d been thinking for a while about why meditation music always sounds like it was produced by the bastard stepchild of Vince Clarke from Erasure and a Tibetan Monk.

Whenever I think of songs like ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head‘ or ‘Everybody’s Talking At Me’ I’m like ‘hey, I can chill to this’ so I wrote this track with that in mind.

I used a Dmaj7 open tuning of D-A-D-F#-A-C#.

What is awesome about this free tuner I downloaded on my tablet is it has presets for bass, violin etc. but also about 10 different open guitar turnings you can pick from.

With this tuning almost everything you play sound good! lol…

Dmaj7 open tuning
Dmaj7 open tuning

strummed a basic chord pattern and then went back and finger picked the same chords.

I put a ton of echo on the finger picked track in tempo at a quarter note value.

It intentionally doesn’t really have the typical verse, chorus structure.

I just want to create something that would evoke a playful melodic line.

As for the title, instead of dripping water or birds chirping why not have positive affirmations and really kick this meditation thang into gear! 😉


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