The Skill Of Self Confidence

I enjoy listening to motivational speakers.

But throughout my life I wondered why I couldn’t manifest what I wanted even though I believed in and followed many self development gurus and their ideologies.

Here is Dr. Joseph. He is the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, as he explores self confidence and as an important skill in athletics, and in our lives.

I like that he says self confidence is a skill that can be taught. I also like that he sites repetition as a core tactic.

Every musician can appreciate that!

M-17 nuclear, biological and chemical warfare ...
M-17 nuclear, biological and chemical warfare mask and hood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But here is what they all miss and tend to avoid talking about.

We are, all of us, in no uncertain terms, under chemical attack.

There is poison in the air, ground, food and water.

There is mercury and aluminum in vaccines as a preservative.

MD directed pharmaceutical medicine kills, injuries and infects 3 million people every year.

We’re are in the midst of a toxic onslaught.

Some call it a biological warfare, which adversely effects our mind, body and spirit.

Without a strategy that takes this fact of life into account a true transformation into what you were meant to be can never be achieved.

Contentment and happiness will be transitory.

Any success in life will eventually be overwhelmed sickness and despair.

Get the garbage out of your life.

The Turn On, Tune In to 432, and Drop Out of the Misery Machine which profits when we are sick by selling us petroleum based drugs that don’t work.

You can do it!!!

I did. 😀


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