Watch This Dude Rock Out Playing ‘Hallelujah’ With Crystal Glasses.

OK. This dude rocks on many levels. Although this is Project 432 Paris think he’s in Germany somewhere. Regardless…

First of all, love the Pinball Wizard body checks on table for vibrato. 😀

Second is tactics. He has all the glasses locked down in some predetermined fashion that I can’t quite figure out.

Pinball Wizard
Pinball Wizard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Third, is strategy. How does he transport everything with out breaking his delicate instruments?

And also water is heavy. Does he bring water with him or does he go to a place where he can find it?

Forth and most important. I checked with my handy dandy Android chromatic tuner and his tuning is not in 440hz. It’s like in a sharp 432. Way to go dude!!! I wonder if he tunes them by ear?

And lastly… I am in a ‘Humans Rock!!!’ kind of mentality these days.

We have been told constantly for thousands of years, from Original Sin to Global Warming that we suck.

Oh yeah?

Let’s see some 3 fingered Alien crop jockey from Alpha Centauri pull this one off!! lol…

Anyway, enjoy 😀


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