Rita Hayworth in 432hz?

Source: Happy Birthday Rita Hayworth – October 17th

Why do some of us love music from this era?

Well, Rita Hayworth is not just stunning to look at.

I checked with my Android chromatic tuner.

She is singing in what was known as the ‘Diapason normal.’

Whazzup wit dat?

English: Rita Hayworth in the Gilda trailer
English: Rita Hayworth in the Gilda trailer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The French government passed a law on February 16, 1859 which set the A above middle C at 435 Hz.

This attempt to standardize pitch was known as the ‘Diapason normal’.

It became very popular outside France as well, and has also been refereed to as French pitch, Continental pitch or International pitch.

Why was it changed?

In 1938 with his mug all over TIME magazine, Adolph Hitler was as cool as Barack Obama and propaganda minister Joesph Goebbles was like his Eric Holder.

Legend has it that Goebbels in 1939 led the charge to change the pitch to A = 440hz because German scientists said it would all make us go mental and pave the way for WWII.

Maybe Gilda had something prophetic to say about all that?

GILDA – 1946

Gilda: I’ve got some news for you, Johnny. I’m going to do exactly what I please, when I please. I was true to a man once, hmmm…

Gilda: Look what happened.  😀


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