The Mighty Boosh – ‘I’ve Been Up For 4 days..’

‘… trying to find our new musical direction, yeah? You’re in this band as well. What are you doing? ‘

Living in Paris brings you closer to the nut ball comedy mind of the English.

“I’ve had a breakthrough. I think I found a new note in between B and C. I always new it was there. Yeah I’m going to call it ‘Howard’s Note.’ I’ll tell you how it works. Right? I took a note, a sawtooth wave right off the Pantomime 4, put it back here, each end through itself, looped it back, mixed it with the sound of this crab committing suicide, and let it stew in it’s own reverb for about three hours. Right? And then I knock it all out through this shoe, for that ochre-y timbre…”


The Mighty Boosh is Monty Python with MIDI, Moog synthesizers and spontaneous rap craziness.

These guys ROCK!!!


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