Our Daily Dose – Fluoride Is A Developmental Neurotoxin

At eight months pregnant, she holds up the glass of wine to watch the burning embers of her cigarette dance in the violet blue reflection of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

‘You’re pregnant, you know.’ he said.

She dragged on it as if he wasn’t there.

Keeping it the lungs for a moment she slowly let the smoke creep up her cheeks before an exhale of relief.

‘Soon a new life will come out from inside me.’ she said without looking at him.

‘I’ve been a good girl for 8 months. Organic food, juicing tons of vegetables, pure clean water the whole nine yards. These cigarettes and this bottle of wine will give me pleasure. The baby will feel my anticipation; my celebration; my Joy. She is strong. I feel her. My body can remove these toxins with ease because I am not overloading or abusing.’

‘But you know what doctor’s say. If you are smoking and drinking so is your unborn child.’

She laughs. “Life is not fair, I know!… I make perfect babies. You’ll see.”

And he saw because she did.

The Human body savagely protects the unborn child. If nutrients are not in the blood stream. The body will pull what it needs from the bones and organs of the mother to create the most perfect newborn it can.

So it is a Law of Nature to want to protect your children once they are out of the womb from toxins the way the body does it by design.

Here at Poject 432 Paris we have zero tolerance.

We start at the music and drill down from there 😀


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