George Bailey and Zu Zus pedals
George Bailey and Zu Zu’s pedals

My story is one of transformation.

I was always strong and healthy, loved physical activity, competed in 4 triathlons.

Yet my family and friends were literally attacked over the years by chronic disease and cancer leading to misery, psychological trauma and death.

In 2006, I came to France to for a vacation, began to make money so I stayed searching for answers.

Then 4 years ago I began to lose the feeling in the ends of my fingers.

I feel like George Bailey in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’

They had a name for it: Peripheral Neuropathy but no one had a solution.

That is, no one in the world of traditional, petroleum based, socialized, pharmaceutical medicine.

Then I discovered through the internet American doctors who directed me to rebuild my Microbiome and had me follow a strict full spectrum, Holistic nutritional regiment and Voila!

I lost 40 pounds. My blood pressure lowered. The connective tissue in my spine grew back and I my height went from 178 to 180 centimeters in one year.

And the feeling returned in my fingers…

I feel like George Bailey in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’

Today, I am leveraging my knowledge helping those who want to join me.

No matter what state of affairs things are in now, you too can begin the transformation into what you were meant to be.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

And it doesn’t matter how or why but it’s here: poison in the air, in the ground, in the water, in our food, and now even in our music.

There is this illusion that we are somehow liberated and free from oppression but we are not.

Today, we have to fight for our families, for our loved ones and for ourselves to break away from this full spectrum toxic onslaught so we can heal and grow.

We weren’t born to be sick, tired and miserable.

We were meant to live full, healthy, vibrant, abundant lives of happiness and joy.

Music in 432hz is in sync with the resonant frequency of the Earth and the Universe.

It carries with it the vibration we need to soothe and inspire us as we transform from toxic industrial human farm animal/slaves to free, liberated Universal beings.

Join us on the journey… 😀

– Life Is A Miracle