AnonyMs & MrThis is music created by Top Secret Parisian musicians who wish to be remain underground and mysterious to drive the listening public completely insane wondering who the hell they could possibly be.


There is alot of backstory behind this whole 432hz moment.

The French government passed a law on February 16, 1859 which set the A above middle C at 435 Hz known as the diapason normal.

It became quite a popular pitch standard even outside France that is until Joseph Goebbels of Hitler fame came along.

Legend has it the Nazi push for a world standard of 440hz in 1939 was because German scientists found that troops became more aggressive when marching to hymns sung in that tuning.

There are those who may be interested in Healing Frequencies but not want to be  associated with another ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

Then there are some who will not lend their name or their face but will create in 432 music to stick it to the New World Order just in case a plot to agitate and corrupt the general population through the music they love did exist.

Then again some people are just plain shy 😀

Click here to see what these covert creators do in 432.


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